Effective Communications

Tina Marie St.Cyr shares valuable information via video on Effective Communication. Watch the video…

How To Know What Your Client Really Thinks About You

How to know what your client really thinks about you, your company and your services In the early stages of a business, and even at times of re-organization, we can be lured to direct our focus toward the shiny objects of brand impression and lose sight of the cheapest way to win and serve clients. […]

When we are released to hug again.

This extroverted introvert is desiring to be waited on, pampered, soothed and hugged. Who is with me? When we get let loose again I can’t wait to dive back into my city and fall involve with it all over again. Here are the Top Five things I will do to feel back at home and […]

Better Together — How Power in Numbers Affects Our Personal Growth.


I met a meditation teacher once who told me something that blew my mind. He was telling me about the group classes he offered and that he was used to hearing that people didn’t think they could sit still for an hour and participate. But, in fact, he explained, meditating in a group could be […]

How to Develop Daily Habits for Massive Growth

Having a daily routine you believe in, utilize and depend on can bring you a sense of inner peace, energy, and self trust.  From a powerful morning routine, or a disciplined afternoon break, and an end of day celebration, habitual daily routines aid in our own ‘inner therapy’. In my life when I look back […]

Why Happy People Hire Coaches

happy lady who hired a life coach

Unlike the reasons why most people seek out the help of a therapist or counselor, those who most readily seek out coaching are looking to escape the past and move clearly into their future with solid plans, support and belief in themselves. Are you wondering what does a life coach do? Coaching helps those who […]